Popcorn Removal in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Palm Beach gardens is a city located in the Palm Beach County in the United States of America. The Location of the town is about 77 miles on the northern part of downtown Miami. According to a census exercise carried out in the region in the year of 2010, the region was found to have a population of 48, 452 people.

There are quite a number of gated communities in the city of Palm gardens. The city is also a principal city to Miami metropolitan area which has a population of 6, 012, 331 people. Prior to its development to a city, the land that is now Palm Beach gardens used to be cattle ranches.

Other than that, the other side of the land was covered by pines forests with the western part being a swampland.

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  4. Knockdown Textures
  5. Commercial Popcorn Removal
  6. Residential Popcorn Removal
  7. Drywall Installation
  8. Orange Peel Ceilings
  9. Residential Painting
  10. Commercial Painting